Introducing Dev4Good

Hi, I’m Nik. Welcome to DevforGood 🙂

As the name of this blog implies, I write about technology and how it can be used for public and social good, from the point of view of someone who comes from a non-technical background and education.

Why start Dev4Good?

Well, I would like to suggest going here, but TLDR there are 2 reasons this blog exists:

  • First, I wanted to document and share my self-paced learning journey into computer science and programming (and in doing so, connect with other students and professional developers to augment the learning experience).
  • Second, I’m deeply interested in how technology can be used for good especially within the public sector. Ideally this little corner of the World Wide Web can serve as a resource bank for people who want to become more active and informed citizens and/or looking for ways to serve their community and/or “volunteer from home” for causes they care about using their technical skills. In other words, Dev4Good is about deeply immersing into the philanthropic aspect of technology and how together we can apply it for public and social good.

What can you expect?

Honestly, this is a learning blog first and foremost! But I’ll try my best to organize everything into something sensible:

  • Blog
    • Learning Journey: where I’ll fully reveal myself as a nerd with coding exercises and walkthroughs like this, interesting coursework, and practicing explaining my rationale for how I would go about solving a problem.
    • Dev Curriculum: a personal self-paced curriculum as someone who wants to build both capabilities across programming, full stack solutions engineering, cloud computing, databases and information systems, and digital transformation in general. I may write about current or future courses I intend to take as well to help inspire others to embark on their own self-learning journey!
    • Portfolio: basically a work in progress, but this will be where I link to interesting projects I’m working on or want to work on. Think open source contributions and snapshots from Github that would make up my own development ‘roadmap’ if you will.
  • Resource Bank
    • Tech For Good: research, in-depth information, and spotlights on people, public and private organizations, social businesses, and government entities where technologies are either currently or can eventually be leveraged for public and social good.
    • Volunteering – hand picked skills-based volunteering opportunities
    • Orgs Database: a regularly updated database of nonprofits, social justice groups, philanthropic arms, social businesses and opportunities for skills-based volunteering and other contributions
    • Reading List: some of my favorite / recommended books across technology, coding better, social businesses, progressive capitalism, economics, social justice, and anything that happens to be inspiring. This may includes random bits from personal development, motivation, and self-help too (because boy do we all need it!)

Want to connect?

Please email dev4goodorg @ gmail or visit the Contact page to get in touch!


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