Dev Curriculum

My personal curriculum going from “zero to hero” and mastering the art and science of problem solving. I’m hoping to achieve a well-rounded skillset to prepare me with what’s needed to contribute to the digital transformation across the public sector and local businesses, and use technology for good.

Note, these are explicit programming languages and technologies vs foundational knowledge. That is because I hope to gain strong foundational knowledge in a more formal educational setting so that I am empowered to pick up and apply any of these languages (aka be a polyglot programmer). After all, programming languages are just tools and a means to an end but the real goal is to become a better problem solver who just happens to use technology.

Full Stack Web Development

Primarily focusing on developing full stack Javascript web applications and full-fledged websites (Content, Digital Media & Businesses)

Responsive Web Design
HTML5, CSS, Flexbox, Accessibility, Bootstrap
Date Range:

Javascript Fundamentals
Syntax, Program Structure (variables, loops, arrays, etc.)
Date Range:

Javascript – Intermediate
DOM, Browser, Client-side scripting, APIs
Date Range:

Javascript – Advanced
Algorithms and Data Structures Projects, Full Stack Node.js
Date Range:

Full Stack Python, Jupyter Notebooks

Modern web technologies & frameworks
Modern web technologies – Ember.js, Angular, React+Redux, GraphQL,

C & Go
Computer Science 101, Foundational object-oriented programming

Relational Databases, Database and Information Systems, Rest APIs

Math. Just Math. Oh! And Logic. I highly recommend Brilliant!

Platforms & Others

Including other open source CMS. Will also need to brush up on PHP.

Traditional Provençal fish stew, with shrimp, mussels, clams and monkfish

Salesforce Apex & Visualforce
Java Fundamentals

Cloud Computing, Infrastructure, Solutions Architecting
Cloud computing, devops and app deployment fundamentals, including dev environments (AWS, Hashicorp, Google Cloud, Azure, Netlify, Fastly)

Google Marketing Platform
Buy-side and sell-side ecosystem, including solid understanding of SEO

Open Source, Git (CLI), ERPs
Command Line, Git & Github, Open source ERPs like Odoo


Full Stack Web Development, Python
Certification Date:

AWS Certified Developer – Associate
Pursue as a supplement to Udacity Nanodegree – AWS Cloud Developer program. Full course material here.

Salesforce JS Developer
Javascript Developer 1, Lightning Web Superbadge
Certification Date:

Udacity Nanodegree – AWS Cloud Developer
Date Started: 7/27/20

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Developer
Certification Date:

Jetbrains Academy
Java Certification Date:

Salesforce Developer I and II
Part 1 Certification Date:

Cloud Engineer Certification Date:

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